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Gritbird outdoor exercise equipment now made of recycled plastic

Gritbird Oy renews its product range by switching from the use of coated birch plywood to recycled plastic in the board parts of outdoor fitness equipment. With the help of recycled plastic, our devices are even more attractive, ecological and durable. Due to growing climate change concerns in recent years, sustainable development and the environmental friendliness of raw materials will be emphasized both in industry and in consumer choices due to the earth's limited raw material reserves. The use of recycled plastics has increased rapidly in the manufacture of various products, because environmental emissions can be significantly reduced with its use. With the help of recycling, a huge amount of plastic is prevented from ending up for disposal or, at worst, ending up in nature. Products made from recycled plastic are a responsible choice from the point of view of nature conservation and sustainable development, and their properties work excellently in outdoor public furniture. Since the launch of Gritbird products the ecological nature of our equipment has been one of the most important values ​​of our operations. The steel parts of our devices are 100% recyclable stainless steel, and switching to recycled plastic in the plate parts is an important step for us to develop our products without compromising their ecological impact. With recycled plastic sheets, our products are still available in the standard colors black and white, special colors are available on order. The mechanical resistance of the plates offers excellent protection against scratches and natural conditions. With our Gritbird, Gritree, and Gritbox devices made in Finland, you can do more than 60 different bodyweight exercises, strengthening the entire body's muscle groups. Bodyweight training is both safe and effective, and with no moving parts, our products are maintenance-free.


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