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General sales conditions and terms of delivery


The products are delivered in parts. The customer agrees to the terms of delivery of the order upon receipt of the order confirmation. The terms of delivery to the customer are freely in the car unless otherwise agreed in writing. The customer takes care of the delivery site for the assistance needed to unload the products or the vehicle.


The prices quoted in the tenders are non-binding, VAT-exempt (VAT 0%) free-of-charge packages at the station. Possible freight is charged separately on the invoice.


A. Period of validity

The offer is valid for 2 weeks from the offer date unless otherwise stated.

B. Deviation from the offer

If the subscriber makes changes to the offer, the seller reserves the right to make a new offer.


Inquiries and orders for our products can be submitted by phone, post or email. The Customer is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the order confirmation information and for any order errors that may appear in the order confirmation that do not depend on the supplier.

Delivery terms

Possible freight costs will be charged on invoice. Prices include normal packaging. Special packaging (pallets, etc.) will be charged separately unless otherwise agreed. Packaging returns are not accepted unless otherwise specifically agreed. Seller reserves the right to adjust prices if raw material prices, import prices, production costs, exchange rates, value added tax, or other charges, tax or tax-like charges are changed before delivery date. The prices do not include the components / fasteners coming to the foundations.


Gritbird Oy's products are supplied with assembly instructions for the delivery of the products. The individual safety zones to be taken into consideration when installing the products are indicated in the installation instructions. When installing and assembling the product, it is essential to follow the installation instructions that come with the product. The customer is responsible for the proper attachment of the products as well as the correct attachment equipment. If the instructions and the specified safety areas specified in the installation instructions are not observed, the installer is responsible for any possible danger and injury situations.

As standard, the Gritbird outdoor exercise equipment is delivered to be deep founded. Alternatively, the products can also be installed with surface foundations. The surface foundation option must be reported separately when ordering. Gritbird Oy provides the foundation instructions with the product. The customer is responsible for the proper foundations of the product and the purchase of the materials needed for the foundations.

Maintenance and inspection

Maintenance and inspection of the Gritbird outdoor exercise equipment must be carried out at regular intervals, as they extend the life of the product and improve the safety of the device. The exercise equipment must be subjected to a commissioning inspection before the outdoor exercise site is deployed. Separate inspection and maintenance instructions are provided in connection with Gritbird Oy's products in connection with the installation instructions. Access to the sports equipment must be prevented if the product has not been properly maintained or found to be broken.

Payment terms

Payment period is 14 days net, unless otherwise agreed. In addition to the default interest, the seller is entitled to charge reasonable collection costs.


If the delivery is incorrect in some respects, the buyer must notify the seller of the defect within 8 working days after the buyer has acknowledged receipt of the goods. The seller has the right to either fix the defect first or deliver the new item.

Please note: Goods for which a claim has been made may only be returned if the return is approved by Gritbird Oy.


Products do not have a direct return policy. However, if the products are to be returned for reasons beyond the control of the supplier, the refund will be limited to 70% of the price of the products. Product return must be agreed in advance with the seller in writing. If the refund is accepted, the seller will decide. All costs of return, such as freight and packaging costs, are the responsibility of the customer. Returnable products must be in original condition.


Stocks: Delivery time 1-2 weeks. Order goods and manufactured products by agreement.

Delivery time for standard products is normally 6-8 weeks, depending on time of order and products. Delivery times may be longer during seasonal delivery peaks. The vendor has the right to charge an express delivery order separately for fast deliveries ordered.


Warranty Certificate available for download from the link below

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