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Bodyweight training with Gritbird

The popularity of bodyweight training has continued to grow steadily in recent years. The busy everyday life of today's world has further increased the need for alternative training methods and forms of exercise. Bodyweight training itself is one of the oldest forms of fitness in history, and due to its effectiveness and low starting threshold, it is more relevant than ever.

In body weight training, the body works as a whole in different movements, so the strain is manifested in a more natural and holistic way than traditional weight training that isolates different muscle groups. In addition to the different joint angles of muscle strengthening, improved body control can help with the daily challenges we face. Bodyweight training is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or background, whether the goal is to learn a new skill, modify body composition, improve performance or increase functionality.

Effects of bodyweight training:

  • Improving body control, preventing injuries in everyday life

  • You can practice all fitness features in a versatile way

  • No essential need for a gym membership

  • Development of grip strength

  • Increased power output of the upper back muscles, better posture

  • Versatile development of scapula control with different joint angles

  • Development of core control and power generation

  • Improving the mobility of the thoracic spine

  • Positive changes in body composition

  • Strength and explosiveness for the muscles of the lower body

The bar structure of the Gritbird outdoor exercise equipment allows you to practice more than 20 different bodyweight movements, including chin-up variations, dip push-ups, horizontal pulling and pushing movements (rows and push-ups) and various squat variations. At Gritbird, we want to improve everyone's opportunity to engage in effective and meaningful outdoor exercise in the local environment and encourage activity by producing informative content about exercise.

Our social media channels also contain a growing amount of content about training and body care. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and get to know our references. In addition, you will learn e.g. office worker's posture exercises, dynamic stretching and training legs with body weight!


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