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Design of active outdoor furniture

Traditionally, the design of active furniture for public places (e.g. playground and outdoor exercise equipment) has focused on the functionality of the products. As an example of the importance of functionality, a traditional chin-up bar can be used, which in a reduced form consists of only two vertical posts and a bar running between them. Products such as the chin-up bar have been tried to be manufactured as cost-effectively as possible, taking into account the durability requirements of public places. Today, in addition to functionality and durability, emphasis is also placed on the products' sustainability, country of origin and design.

Design means planning the shape and usability of the product, i.e. contrary to the general impression of a purely visual effect, design also strongly affects the functionality of the product. Design can influence the ecological and economic aspects of the product, and successful design can also improve the product's cost-effectiveness. An example of a really successful design and its effect on cost efficiency can be considered, for example, a paper clip.

People go out to seek relaxation as a counterweight to the burdensome everyday life and, of course, to improve their fitness through vigorous activity and exercise. With a successful design of active furniture, it is possible to provide people not only with functionality and the benefits it brings, but also with joy and a good mood through a visual experience. The design, which creates interesting and positive images, also lowers the threshold to take the first step and start improving one's own physical performance.

The starting point for the design of the Gritbird outdoor exercise equipment was to develop an impressive bodyweight training tool that can exercise the entire body's muscle groups, and that effectively meets the requirements of the modern environment and users. The frames for the product consisted of the following values: European manufacturing, sustainable materials, consideration of landscape design, user-friendliness, advanced functionality and, in the big picture, promotion of public health. Combining the shape of a bird with a more versatile bar structure than a traditional chin-up bar was one of the great insights, both in terms of successful approachable design and efficient functionality.

In Gritbird Oy's products, design has been one of the most important design starting points from the beginning. Functionality and quality have not been compromised at the expense of design, but the opposite. Successful design enables versatile functionality, cost efficiency and quality. Made in Finland. These same values ​​will also serve as the basis for the development of Gritbird Oy's future products.


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