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Gritree training programs

On our YouTube channel, you can now find 2 training programs designed by personal trainer Matias Nikula using Gritree outdoor exercise equipment. In the first video, you can find guidance on the basic movements performed on Gritree, and in the second video, we move on to the movements of more advanced exercisers.

The programs designed by personal trainer Matias Nikula (@matiasnik) include suspension exercises performed on Gritree for beginners, more advanced exercisers and hard-working exercisers. Suspension training develops balance, body control, muscle strength and also strengthens supporting tissues. Open range of motion is safe for the joints and the degree of difficulty can be adjusted by changing the angle of the body.

Gritree outdoor exercise equipment is equipped with guide boards, where QR codes guide you to the movement and program videos of our YouTube channel.

Personal trainer Matias Nikula's training program for fitness beginners with Gritree outdoor fitness equipment:

Warm-up Step back squat 3-6 x 10-20 (sets x reps) Push-up 3-6 x 10-20 Row 3-6 x 10-20

Repeat the training 1-4 times a week according to your own feeling. 3-6 sets per movement, 10-20 repetitions. Rest for 1-2 minutes between movements. The movements can be performed as a fitness circuit in a row with shorter breaks, 3-4 rounds and 2-4 minutes of rest between rounds

Personal trainer Matias Nikula's training program for advanced exercisers with Gritree outdoor exercise equipment:

Upper body Push-ups/extensions aimed at the pectoral muscles French push-up for triceps Biceps twist

Two/one-handed rowing


One leg squat with rear leg raised

One leg squat with support

Hamstring curls on the ground


Superman Reverse jack knife Hanging leg raise

Choose 1-3 movements for the upper body, legs and core. In the movements, you can perform 2-5 sets and 6-20 repetitions per movement according to your own experience. Heavier movements should be performed at the beginning of the training, leaving the lighter ones for the end. You can perform the workout with different movement weights 2-5 times a week according to your fitness level. Happy training!


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