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The importance of outdoor fitness facilities

The fitness trend that started in the 21st century has partially moved from gyms to yards. In recent years, the equipment of local sports facilities has developed considerably for municipalities and cities, and also in new construction sites, the comfort and services of the yard areas are invested in for the enjoyment of the residents. With urbanization, the importance of aesthetic and versatile green areas, sports grounds and backyards is emphasized. Yards of apartment buildings need something to do, and the needs of active adults should also be taken into account when planning playgrounds. Watching over children at playgrounds can be a very active way of spending time, but sometimes as the offspring get deeper into playing with friends, parents would have an excellent opportunity to take care of their own well-being and fitness. So why not install versatile outdoor fitness equipment in conjunction with the swings and sandboxes that are part of the standard equipment of playgrounds, which parents could use during their time outdoors and which would also be fun for the younger crowd. The Gritbird outdoor exercise equipment, launched in 2019, approaches these needs by bringing exercise equipment that is versatile in terms of exercise and suitable for landscape design to everyone. Gritbird is excellently suited for fitness trails, green areas, beaches and housing estate yards, e.g. for the following reasons:

  • Made in Finland from sustainable and ecological materials

  • Meets SFS EN-16630 and EN-1176 standards

  • Several color options

  • Maintenance-free, no moving parts

  • More than 20 exercises


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